Witness internationally acclaimed Illusionist Daniel Craven as he enters the mysterious world of magic by showcasing some of his most thrilling acts. Daniel Craven presents a fascinating Magic Show with a highly explosive mix of dramatic world class illusions as well as amusing interactive magic. He incorporates contemporary illusions that are also performed in the theatres of Las Vegas, ensuring unforgettable top-class entertainment!


The cards are facing the audience. A seven of hearts is visible. The magician grazes the card with his empty hand and in that moment, the card transforms into the king of clubs.

“When my father performed this fascinating trick for me, I was only six years old and immediately enchanted by the spell of magic…“ Daniel explains. „It was that feeling of marvel and awe. The feeling of everything being possible! This special key moment and a first magic kit at the age of six were the beginning of my everlasting passion“, Daniel says.

Countless visits to the “Zauberkönig“, a small magic store in the city of Cologne which was greatly cherished amongst experts back then, got Daniel in contact with magicians, their secrets and tricks, an experience he soaked up like a sponge. Finally came the referral to the Magic Circle of Germany, which Daniel visited at the age of 13. After successfully passing the admission examination he then became a full member.

Though Daniel especially loves the “small“ tricks – “Close-Up“ magic – which is performed right in front of the spectator‘s eye and consists mostly of sleight of hand and directing attention, Daniel – ever since he was a little child – dreamed about doing great illusions such as Siegfried & Roy, Hans Klok and David Copperfield. He knew that this was his great passion and a dream, which he had to fulfil in his life. And so he did! Daniel created his special style and magic: A colorful mix of thrilling-spectacular including some beautiful emotional big illusions and ravishingly graceful interactive magic.

Daniel has been performing his grand illusion shows in theaters and on cruise ships all over Europe, Asia and Las Vegas. He performed in the “Vaudeville Show of the Tropics” in Berlin as well as the renowned Apollo-Varieté in Germany and Friedrichsbau-Varieté in Stuttgart.

While touring in Asia from Hong Kong to Singapore, 200.000 people saw him performing his Shows “Beyond Belief” and “Rockin’ Magic”.

In 2018 he performed his Illusion-Show at the “Sunset Station Hotel-Casino” in Las Vegas where he also met Siegfried from Siegfried & Roy and David Copperfield.

Various TV-appearances worldwide as well as his Opening-Act during the Eco-World Starlight Concert Tour where he performed for a 90.000 live audience in only three days made him World-Famous.


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